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Healing the Wounds Overview
Organizations of all types are experiencing an unprecedented, global pandemic of downsizing.  This exceptionally timely book addresses the most crucial and complex leadership task since the industrial revolution: how to put the pieces back together and restore productivity in the midst of the unraveling of the psychological contract between employee and employer. 

For layoff survivors, employees who remain in organizations after downsizing, it outlines a path to shed the toxic symptoms—anger, fear, anxiety and depression—of layoff survivor sickness. It provides a process to use the experience as a wake-up call that leads to a much more autonomous and fulfilling employment relationship.

For layoff victims it provides invaluable guidance that will facilitate turning job loss into a positive personal transition. Many layoff victims rebound into organizational systems more toxic than those they have left. The advice and perspective of Healing the Wounds will reframe the experience into a significant learning experience.

Combining dramatic front-line case studies and original research that deals with both downsized organizations and layoff survivors, David Noer—an expert who coined the term Layoff Survivor Sickness and has been frequently quoted in major media such as The Wall Street Journal and Fortune—offers organizational leaders, managers, human resource professionals, consultants, layoff survivors, and layoff victims, an original model, clear guidelines, and much needed perspective on personal and organizational revitalization.

This new and significantly revised edition includes a focus on leadership and coaching that literally rewrites the rulebook on how to lead during times of crisis; a cutting-edge approach for employees to reorient themselves within their jobs and organizations; plus vivid examples Noer has amassed offer the past 15 years that reflect increased globalization, changing demographic realities and, of course, the current economic crisis.  Healing the Wounds is a must-read for all involved in helping organizations rebound from downsizing and wish to personally increase their job satisfaction, autonomy, and relevance.