Noer Consulting
Helping individuals and organizations grow through research, publication, consultation, and training 
Who we are and what we do

Our consulting team is made up of Dr. Noer and a network of highly qualified and experienced associates.


The core of our work is centered around helping organizations and individuals cope with change and transition in healthy, productive, and profitable ways.  We do not provide "cookie cutter" consultation or provide shallow or prescriptive advice.  We are not a solution looking for a problem.  We work side-by-side with our clients to diagnose root causes and provide lasting solutions that both re-kindle human spirit and increase the bottom line.  Here are some general areas that typify past assignments:


Acquisition, Merger, & Divesture Planning

This involves helping develop leadership strategies to deal with the effect of these transitions on the cultural and human systems of organizations. With proper planning and effective transition strategies, our clients have been able to minimize the negative impact of change and insure positive results.


Pre-Merger Human System Audits

Prior to mergers and acquisitions we work with organizations to better understand the human and cultural fit. Understanding and planning for the integration of organizational cultures has significantly shortened the merger process, facilitated communication and reduced cost.


Strategic Vision, Mission and Values Articulation

This involves helping organizations develop a galvanizing and compelling picture of the future, a clear perspective of their fundamental purpose, and an articulation of their beliefs. Clients have found this an extremely powerful process for both revitalization and strategic planning.


Creation of Behavioral Measurement and Feedback Systems

We help organizations translate their core values into measurable behaviors and integrate these behaviors into developmental planning and feedback systems. By articulating, measuring, and rewarding the actual behaviors that reflect their core values, client organizations have developed a number of concrete, practical tools to provide value based focus. 


Transition Workshops

We jointly develop these one to five day workshops with organizations.  Based Dr Noer's books and research, these workshops have helped a number of clients move through transition and change in order to achieve organizational productivity and individual relevance.


Executive Forums

We provide briefings and facilitate interactions among top executive teams as they explore strategic options as to how to deal with the effects of mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and re-engineering on the productivity, motivation, and spirit of their workforce. 


Team Coaching and Development

The objectives are to help organizations develop the culture, norms, and strategy to productively lead organizations through the challenges of the new millennium. Much more than a typical team building session, these sessions provide team coaching and goal setting.


Individual Coaching

These involve a long term, in-depth, coaching relationship with individual executives. The objectives are to help healthy key executives become even more effective through self-awareness, personal goal setting, and ongoing dialogue and feedback. Clients have found this confidential process of great value for clarifying goals, understanding others' perspectives and taking appropriate action.


Keynote Speeches and Presentations

These involve presentations to professional associations, internal gatherings of large organizations, or smaller groups.