David Noer
Helping Individuals and Organizations Grow Through Research,Publication, Consulting, and Training
Executive Coach
keynote Speaker
Leadership Consultant
David Noer is an author, researcher, speaker, and consultant.  His best selling book, Healing The Wounds: Overcoming the Trauma of Layoffs and Revitalizing Downsized Organizations is a must read in today's climate of organizational consolidations and downsizing.
His previous book, Breaking Free: A Prescription for Personal and Organizational Change, outlines a clear strategy for responding to change and transition with authenticity and personal freedom.
His widely used Coaching Behaviors Inventory is a highly effective easy to use, self-assessment instrument that helps managers develop the necessary skills to move from a controlling to a coaching relationship with their employees.
His consulting organization, Noer Consulting, www.noerconsulting.com , has been in business for over thirty years and has helped individuals and organizations throughout the world grow and develop.
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